February 22, 2018


Look what parents are saying
about Pilgrim Preschool!

“My family has been very happy with the wonderful program at Pilgrim Preschool. The facility is comfortable, the materials are engaging, the curriculum is enriching, and most importantly, the teachers are outstanding.

I highly recommend Pilgrim Preschool to any family looking for a high-quality, friendly, traditional preschool.”

– Deena (mother of 2)
“Our son has had a wonderful experience at Pilgrim Preschool and is ready to face kindergarten with confidence and enthusiasm. Our family had such a positive experience at Pilgrim Preschool that we will be back with our younger daughter and son. Pilgrim Preschool was everything we could ask for in a preschool!”

– Kristen (mother of 5)
“My husband and I chose to send both our boys to Pilgrim Preschool. Throughout the last four years, I have seen the commitment the teachers make to teaching and the wonderful rapport they build with each child. In our opinion, great teachers make a great preschool program and Pilgrim Preschool definitely has that important quality.”

– Lisa (mother of 3)

“My daughter Mackenzie sang a little song the other day that she made up for Pilgrim Preschool. (‘Mrs. Barbuch is the best teacher. Mrs. Barbuch is great. I love my school!’) That summed it all up for me. Pilgrim Preschool has been one of the best choices I have made for her.”

– Jeri (mother of 3)